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The very own CRM of Microsoft has been proven to be a robust CRM system that not only gives you a 360 degree view of your customer but also helps you to align your task, follow ups, responsibilities that keeps your customer delight at the top. A very effective tool for Sales team in any organization that posthumously streamlines the entire Sales flow of an organization. Time and again D365 for Sales has been topping the list of most effective CRM across the globe in terms of business size and costs.

As the Sales and Marketing cycle turns out to be more complicated for people, there is a high need of an efficient CRM that not only helps us in managing the Sales funnel and activities, but also engrosses a pool of call to actions, best Sales and Marketing practices, value addition to the customers and a revenue model combined with best revenue practices.

Ensuring CRM to be talking to other high end applications and reporting tools in the organization, MyndMegs leave no stones unturned to ensure that all applications are well synchronized with D365 for Sales and a complete solution is rendered to the customers.

Solution Capabilities